Sai Shakti Healing

A relaxing, nurturing and peaceful experience suitable for everyone
Recharge your ‘batteries’ and take a break from your troubles

We are surrounded by a benevolent, loving power – Sai Shakti – even though it might not always feel that way.  Just like radio waves, Sai Shakti energy is around us all the time – whether we are aware of it or not.

Negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves and life in general can act as temporary blocks to this energy. When we distance ourselves in this way we experience imbalance and disharmony. This usually manifests as emotional and/or physical discomfort.

Healing occurs when we do not block Sai Shakti power but allow it to flow freely again.

However, because we become locked into our habitual patterns of behaviour, it can seem impossible to break free and allow this beautiful flow to happen.

How do I stop feeling stressed or frightened all the time?

How do I step out of the heartbreak I have carried all my life?

How do I forget and forgive the damage that has been done to me?

How do I begin to heal?

Sometimes we just need someone to help, someone to create a bridge for us, someone to help us to find peace and silence. Sai Shakti Healers spend years working on their own blocks to enable the power of Sai Shakti to flow through them more freely. This benefits not only the healers themselves but also those around them. Then, using techniques they have learned from studying and practicing some of the ancient knowledge of India, they are able to open their hearts and to act as healing channels for Sai Shakti power.

When you heartfully engage in a Sai Shakti healing session your higher intelligence – sometimes called the soul – has the opportunity to draw through the healer whatever it most requires at that time. It is as if it chooses the radio station it most wants to listen to and the healer acts like a radio set to allow that station to broadcast as clearly as possible.

The healer will never try to ‘make something happen’; indeed he or she will have no idea what it is you need.

Your healer will simply act as a vehicle for the healing energy of Sai Shakti.

Important points: 

It is never the healer’s energy that you are receiving.

Because the healing session is entirely guided by your higher intelligence, and because your higher intelligence cannot possibly do anything that is harmful to you, Sai Shakti Healing is completely safe for everyone.

To find a healer contact:

FREE HEALING AVAILABLE: At the regular Healing, Meditation and Knowledge evenings in Richmond and also at our stand at the Yoga Show