“This meditation course is grounded in a profound understanding of the mystical and this is conveyed simply and powerfully. This allowed me to engage fully in the course and, as a result, experience the power of deep rooted connectedness through meditation. Though not a very experienced meditator, I felt that I was able to explore different aspects of meditation through the straight-forward techniques used. I'm now integrating meditation into my life, despite the demands of two small children and an extension! I'm very grateful to you for your insight, support and inspiration.” 

Carol Foussat MA

"In terms of personal growth I feel very excited about the techniques I've been given as I can clearly see the benefits already.  It feels to me that a new spiritual path has opened up for me and I'm really looking forward to seeing where that journey takes me" 

Susan Cullen MA

“For the last few years I have given up on meditation and the peace it can bring. I hate clichés but my ears are open and you have provided the tools and words of the wise. I have only once in my life experienced a Peak experience, but our last meditation of the course was pure bliss.  I have never known such feeling of an awareness beyond my body” 

Wendy Harris

“The course was great for me. Although I’d heard much of this from Jane it was great to benefit from your knowledge and experience and to have it in a package that put it all together with such clarity” 

Graham Barker