The Sai Shakti Meditation Foundation Course: coming soon

Date: new dates to be announced soon

Time: tbc

Venue: London W8 - full details on booking

Cost: £25 – plus your heart-felt donation at the end of the course (please note that the course is run by the charity Kaleshwar Charitable Trust and none of the administrators or meditation teachers take any fee for their work)

Important: Please attend an Introduction Talk first if at all possible

Booking:  or T:0208 255 687

“This meditation course is grounded in a profound understanding of the mystical and this is conveyed simply and powerfully. This allowed me to engage fully in the course and, as a result, experience the power of deep rooted connectedness through meditation. Though not a very experienced meditator, I felt that I was able to explore different aspects of meditation through the straight-forward techniques used. I'm now integrating meditation into my life, despite the demands of two small children and an extension! I'm very grateful to you for your insight, support and inspiration.” Carol Foussat MA

Aims of the Course

  • To make a very simple, but powerful and disciplined form of meditation, available to absolutely everyone
  • To make ancient wisdom from the East accessible to the Western mind
  • To have fun investigating how East meets West and how science interfaces with spirituality
  • To provide an opportunity for you to bring peace of mind and deep inner silence into your life

Structure of the Course

The course is structured in a gentle way to accommodate all levels of experience. We tend to begin with the assumption that you have never tried to meditate before. At first the meditations will be very short and will gradually increase in time as the course progresses. By the end of the second day you will probably find you can comfortably meditate for at least 30 minutes.

You will learn why we use mantras and some reasons why they are so powerful, looking at the question from an Eastern and Western perspective and, hopefully, successfully bringing the two together.

We also teach you how to manage and de-charge both the high positive energy that meditation can create plus the negative energy that we are all exposed to on a daily basis in our everyday lives.

We explore and teach ways of starting to allow flow to occur during meditation, by opening the heart. You will learn what this means and why it is important.

The basic program outline is as follows – but it may change slightly depending on the needs of different groups:

› Introduction

› About mantras – sound in physical form

› Learning about and using “Om”

› How to use simple opening and closing mantras

› 5 elements meditation – learning Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya

› An explanation of de-charging and how to use the 5 elements for de-charging

› Learning and practicing some very powerful opening mantras

› The importance of allowing flow by opening the heart. Some techniques to help with this.

› An introduction to personal mantras

› Receiving your personal mantra

› Personal mantra meditation

There will be opportunities to meditate together and to practice all the mantras you will learn. You will be able to ask questions and to share your experiences with the group if you wish.