Introduction to Sai Shakti Meditation: coming soon

Date: new dates to be announced soon

Time: tbc

Venue: Richmond and Putney Unitarian Church, the Holland Room, Ormond Road, Richmond, TW10 6TH

Travel: Directions

Cost: Free – but your kind donations towards costs would be very welcome!

Booking: No need to book. Just turn up!

More Details: T:0208 255 6877

How does Eastern wisdom interface with Western minds to explain why meditation is so beneficial? 
What is Sai Shakti Meditation and how might it be of benefit to you?

At the Introduction to Sai Shakti Meditation we will talk about how meditation can be really very simple and how, surprisingly, it is already often a part of our daily lives.

We will look at what happens to the brain when we meditate and how the structure of the brain, along with the stresses of everyday living, can conspire to make us feel separated and alone.

Our experience teaches us that meditating regularly is very beneficial. Why is this? What has science to tell us about meditation and how does this compare with the ancient knowledge from the East?

There will be a short introduction to mantras, looking briefly at what they are and some reasons why we use them.

Finally we will talk about Sai Shakti Meditation explaining the meaning of “Sai Shakti”, the origins of this form of meditation and what will be taught on the Foundation Course.

We invite you to come along to an Introduction to Sai Shakti Meditation. Find out what it’s all about and then decide if you would like to learn more by taking part in the Sai Shakti Meditation Foundation Course